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Innovative use of the 360-degree technology in Murapol Group commercial on Player.pl

17 March 2017,   By ,   0 Comments



Whizz was entrusted with creation and the making of the 360-degree commercial which is broadcast on Player.pl before the “Para nie do pary” series. As a result, our Friend became the first company in Poland whose commercial was broadcast in this innovative technology.

The innovative use of the 360-degree technology in Murapol Group’s commercial on Player.pl was noticed, among others, by the website wirtualnemedia.pl. The users of Player.pl had a chance to see it on the occasion of the “Para nie do pary” series premiere. The 360-degree video technology used for filming took the viewers straight to the middle of action and let them observe the lives of the characters from different perspectives – all thanks to the free image control available to users while watching.

The same mechanism was used in the 360-degree Murapol commercial. It allowed to combine a unique entertainment content available on Player.pl with an innovative and interactive form of advertising. The apartment image transformation from 2D to 3D and the addition of the motion in the 360-degree Murapol commercial made the housing estate visualizations more attractive and dynamic. Thanks to the technology used, persons searching for apartments could see them live, walk in them and feel as if they were in fact inside a decorated interior.