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    a number of minutes our customers spent on watching 360o videos within one day

360° video

the mission to be performed

A real estate developer implementing their housing project in Silesia wanted to present the housing estate in an innovative way and compete with the largest competitor who operates nearby.

360° video

the ninja’s strategy

Use of motion design as a means of visualization of the investment.

Transformation of the 2D image into 3D image and adding motion to it.

Enabling of 360o view in player.pl

360° video

the mission’s effect

Increase of the level of interaction of our friend’s customers giving them an easy access to control

Using the film as a means of publicity significantly lengthened the period of time during which customers could view the product.

Within 3 months since the solution was introduced, out friend in business has noted a sales increase by 34%.

Our friend obtained recognition as a pioneer in using 360o technology in advertising.